Group 02: Gothic Lolita (ゴシックロリータ)

grup02Characters / Personajes / 文字

  • Inglaterra
  • Hatsumi
  • Marmota
  • Akza

About / Acerca de / について

Hatsumi told us about Gothic Lolita style in a forum and organized a photo session in Coyoacan where he had a lot of fun because we found people that were amazed with us and think we were part of a magazine or event or from some tv program but others where scared and some of them believe that we were witches that were there like a bad luck omen when a just married couple saw us.

In my case I scared a taxi driver and he was leaved me at the place I indicated as fast as he can, it’s incredible how people are afraid and scared of something different (cloth style and makeup in this case).

Hatsumi nos dijo del estilo gothic lolita en un foro y organizó una sesión de fotos en Coyoacán donde nos divertimos mucho porque encontramos personas que se sorprendían con nosotros y pensaban que eramos parte de una revista o evento o de un programa de televisión, pero otros se espantaban y algunos creían que eramos brujas que estábamos ahí como símbolo de mala suerte cuando una pareja de recién casados nos vio.




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